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    Planer board lights

    I just put together a video on my web site showing how to use NiteBiteLites on your planer boards. Please check it out if you run planer boards at night.


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    i just purchased 2 sets

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    We went one size smaller on the mounting hole, 21/64's. Made it tighter so it held fast when turning on and off which can be difficult when wet. Went with red and green, Port and starboard.

    I forgot to mention a few other things. At the end of the day you need to dry them out. I use a air compressor. You can open them up and set then in the sun to dry also. They can corrode if put away wet. The other thing it's not just for the smaller boards. We put two on our big boards. One on the port and starboard. That ensures others see our boards. Doesn't mean someone won't run them over in the dark but it hasn't happened yet.

    "We use the red and green again to mark port and starboard to child proof them for ourselves. Been using them for two many years or soon after Fishing Bay De Noc. The other Just One more out of Milw. was the first to use different colors. Very satisfied with the product. 5 stars IMHO."
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