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    Gold/Black Back Hardbaits


    I'm thinking about getting some more of my favorite trolling hardbaits (Shad Rap etc.), but in addtional colors, specifically gold/black back for one. Under what circumstances (water coloration, sun light level etc.) is it best used? Thanks!

    Reel Man

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    On the Bay of Green Bay, I'll run a gold/black pretty much in any condition. Sunny, cloudy, night time, clear or muddy water. Always seems to be one of my all time producers for fish.

    Just went out this evening and got 2 fish out of 3 hits on a gold/black rapala.

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    "Copper in the clouds and Silver in the sunshine" is an old saying some younger folks still swear by. I like gold/black on Green Bay also, but I've had it produce on Winnebago as well as lakes in Ontario like Wintering Lake. Gold/black, Silver/black, and Perch have got to be listed in some walleye fishing manual some where as being staple standard equipment. I own them in in a variety of bait styles, but my shad raps cover the size ranges needed sometimes as well from #4's up to #9's. On my last trip to Canada for 'eyes, the gold/black #9 shad rap probably caught me 1/3 of my week's catch. I like gold in root beer colored or stained water because it always seems to produce for me.

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