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    OPTIMA Battery Stories. Starting 5/15, submit yours here.

    Starting May 15, we'll be collecting OPTIMA Battery stories. To check out what this is all about, go to on May 15, and see the story posted there.


    Dave Mull
    Paw Paw, MI

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    My Optima battery story:

    When I had my first Child (1997), I bought a pair of Blue Top Optimas for my 25ft boat. I always take these batteries out at the end of each year to winterize the boat, I always trittle charge before I store them in the basement - the batteries are always full and do NOT require the charge.

    They worked great, one year when I went to winterize the boat, one of the the battery boxes was filled with water and the Blue Top was 100% underwater (it is probable that this battery was underwater for the entire boating season). I now drill a tiny hole in my battery boxes to prevent this issue from re-occuring (don't tell the Coast Guard) - I believe boat batteries must be in a battery box to prevent acid from leaking into your boat.

    I sold the 25ft boat and bought a 23ft boat, these batteries were installed in the new boat.

    I continue to use these batteries to this day. My baby is now 15years old and the batteries are still good.

    To this day, I can not detect which battery was fully submerged.

    I run an I/O with a Yamaha 9.9 4-stroke kicker, the kicker is old and lacks an alternator. I kicker troll all day on these two batteries without producing electricity. The batteries run my TR-1 auto-pilot, live bait well, stereo and electric downriggers - my I/O always starts up strong.

    Thank you Optima, when these batteries die, I know that I will replace them with Optimas.

    Chris Posa
    Plymouth, Mi
    23ft Sylvan Offshore "Explorer"

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    My first boat i got i had to by a good battery so i went with the Optima batterie because i heard so much good about it. I used it for one year on the boat. That winter i was filming a show on whitefish and we had a 19 inch TV out in a portable shack. work great all day but on the way back to shore i had the battery in the portable along with everything else and i had a metal round plate used for a camera panner for the under water camera bounced on top of the battery and connected both +and- together and welded the plate to the top of the battery and shorted it out I THOUGHT when i got to shore to get it into the truck. I melted a big hole in my shack it got so hot. I was so mad it did that being that it was only a year old thinking i wrecked it. I brought it to Napa and had it tested and they said it tested like a new battery i was amazed. Then i never used the boat it had a hole in it so i took the battery out and put in in the garage and it has been there for 3 years now so i went to check it the other day and it has a full charge yet. I NEVER put it on a charger i don't know how that can still have a charge after all that. That is one tough battery.
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    Optima Batteries are now made in Mexico. The first one I had was made in the US and lasted me 10 years. The second one I bought lasted 3 and was toast. Optima batteries are a thin shadow of what they used to be. Thanks mexico and our federal government for helping / forcing good companies to move offshore. DEKA is the last american made battery on the planet.

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