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    Rapala Minnow Raps - Good or Bad?


    For those of you who have used the new Rapala Minnow Raps, are they the "reel" deal. Are they in the same league as say Rapala Shad Raps? Or just another average crankbait?
    I'm thinking about buying a bunch and was wondering if it's worth doing so or if I should stick with the tried and true!! Please relate your thoughts and experiences. Thanks in advance for your responses!

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    Used them, like the smaller size for spring time when bait is small in the system. The slower wobble they have seems to be nice when the fish are a little sluggish. But come early summer, my go to baits are Deep reef runner little rippers and flicker shads.

    But if you have baits that are consistently catching fish, I continue with that. Maybe throw one or two in your aresenal, but no need to break the bank on the raps.

    Good Luck

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    The purpledesent MR-9 is one of my favorites for eyes.

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    I bought a bunch of minnow raps several years ago. I migrate for work. While on migration, I need a reward. One job Minnow Raps were it.

    At times they are tops. Sometimes I find fish like them fast. Over 3 mph. Not all run true at that speed. If you buy my tackle from my widow, pick out the ones marked LF with indelible ink. Fish do not want fast food all the time, when they do and you dial in on it...

    I like them.

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    Are you talking about minnow scatter raps, if so then the guy who got them a few years ago is out.
    Alumacraft Custom Trophy 18

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    I have had decent success with the minnow rap. Every spring I buy a few of the new lures and most of the time the new ones are hot for a season or so. I guess even the walleyes are fascinated by something new, just like we fisher folks. The deep taildancers have been great for me on my favorite lake since they came out though.

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