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    Saginaw Bay Regulations

    Just saw this posted in the MDNR weekly fishing report:

    Saginaw Bay: New walleye and yellow perch regulations are now in effect for Saginaw Bay and the Saginaw River up to the Center Road Bridge. These new regulations went into effect after approval from the Natural Resources Commission on Thursday October 8th. For walleye, the daily possession limit is increased from (5) to (8) fish and the minimum size limit is reduced from 15 to 13 inches. For yellow perch, the daily possession limit is reduced from (50) to (25) fish.

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    I got a chance to get out fishing the Bay with some buddies last Saturday (12/5), Jim. 8 lines in water from 8:00 AM - 1:30 PM. Went 22 for 25 or thereabouts. All eyes, all keeper size, mostly 20-22". Had about a 55# box across those 22 fish.

    What a stellar fishery. I can see why some of these Lake MI charter boats spend the first half of the season over at Saginaw Bay. I am already trying to plan how I can spend a substantial amount of time out there next May/June.
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