Headed to usual spot around 22' of water just east of the dumping grounds and had 2 shorts before I could even get third rod in. Did manage 2 - 15 1/2" fish and decided to spend the remaining time exploring so I picked up and ran out toward a pack of boats near the shipping channel only to find nothing really on the lowrance so after about 30 mins of "nothing' I headed due west and a litte north to an old set of marks I had and within a 30 min period between around 10:45 am - 11:15 am I caught 4 fish with 2 at 22" 1 at 23" and one just touching 24" to fill my ticket. Hot bait was a bargain bin find of a slim 4" spoon with watermelon and silver colors with double hook which I put a small of piece of crawler on. 60' back on a # 30 jet. Also 1 keeper caught on crawler harness with 1 oz weight on a board. It was hot out there and I was glad for the ride in.