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    Trying to get a 2 day trip in, open seat.

    Weather permitting, I'm hoping to get a 2 day trip in sometime in the next couple weeks, weekdays preferred.

    I'm looking for either someone who wants to do both days, or two people who will do a day each.

    I'm planning on staying in Tofte at the Americinn there.
    We can fish out of Taconite harbor or....??

    I have an 2020 Larson FX DC with enough equipt, but bring your stuff if you want.

    Just asking to help with costs.

    If your interested, please PM me.


    edit...I was asked about the motel thing, I should add I'm looking for either someone who wants to stay up there overnight, or someone who can be there both days.

    Or...if we can get one guy one day and another guy the next.. :)
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    How about 9-12 and 13? I would love to try superior, I'm a Mchigan guy.

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