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    GPS / Fish Finder Question

    Any suggestions on an easy to install, easy to use GPS/fish finder in the 7" size that down the road radar could be added. I don't need all the bells and whistles just simple....

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    Most of the major brands have models that will let you do this -- most are connecting through networking. What I doubt you will find is a display that can do radar that won't have lots of bells and whistles.

    My setup has 3 Raymarine aSeries displays (2 a7 and one a9) The a78 is a 7" display with CHIRP sonar, chart plotting (either Navionics or CMap charts) and the GPS antenna built in. I have added the digital radar by installing a radome connected via its SeaTalk HS network. I can add other modules such as Sirius weather and cameras... Worked well last summer I know that Garmin, Lowrance, Humminbird, Furuno all have similar setups. I went with Raymarine because I had Raymarine in the past plus I won the a9 in a Raymarine contest.
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    lowrance hds7 will fit the bill
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    If it was me I'd decide which future brand of radar I'd be buying and buy that brand of Sonar/Display.

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    Pretty good pricing right now on Simrad Go7 or Go9 with either their 3G or 4g radar and can bundle with their total scan transducer. There were some good deals on NSSevo2 MFD's being their NSSevo3's are out (in case you wanted to network more than one display). Looked like many have been selling out though. 7" have been well under $1000

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