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    Quote Originally Posted by tyeeII View Post
    This is what I want to try. I'm thinking maybe I could rorate a couple canning batches in with my regular smoking regiment. Thanks again B-man.
    I've only done one round like that. It was really good, but so is the normal stuff.

    In the end I would say it's not worth the extra time and effort, but if you are already prepping other fish just to smoke, it would make a lot more sense and be worth it.
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    Hey B-man, just want to say thanks for the inspiration. I finally picked up a pressure canner and made my first batch of canned Salmon. I did a simple saltwater brine for an hour, the pressure cooked at 11 pounds for 100 minutes. Just tried to keep it simple for my first run, but it turned out delicious. Next time I would like to incorporate some brown sugar, onions, and/or some jalapenos. Any tips on spices you like to add to your jars? Have you ever added olive oil?

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