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Thread: Bolles Harbor

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    Bolles Harbor

    Just a quick update and a fishing report summary out of a Bolles were I fish 1 to 2 x a week. Walleye Limits continue to be the norm for us with jets/spoons run right off the bottom being the ticket for those 17" fish with the occasional 20" thrown in. Copper backs w/darker colors including purples/blacks and the Dirty Chicken wing all consistently catching fish. (I use #20's jets on the outside and 30's on the inside). I have caught fish in 28' of water out by west sister and most recently in 22' on the east side of the dumping grounds (2 of us caught probably 35 assorted fish in 3 hours to get our 12 walleye). Perch have been recently showing up to join us for dinner! I also continue to use leadcore on 4 color with spoons and crawler harness and sometimes a BB off the back with copper / gold/black crawler harness. Body baits down 17' have also picked up a few fish. We have lost at least 4 rigs to big fish the last few trips which I can only assume to be big sheepshead although I have caught a 20 1/2 smallie and at least 4 nice size cat fish. What a fishery!!

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    Your doing great, thanks for the update.

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