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    Flasher/Fly for Lake trout

    I may be stuck in a rut, I have not used flasher and fly for lakers. Dodgers, yes, I have a particular affinity for the '8 inch Trash Can by Luhr Jenson'. A glow fly with a piece of sucker,smelt, or laker belly and smack the dodger into the sand. I am not above using the smelt in the belly of an earlier caught fish. It works better on a 'pump rod', rigging like this trips dipsy and down rigger too often.

    I will suspend them if conditions indicate.

    To those of you that run the FF for lakers, are you running salmon speeds and lakers are incidental? Or do you slow way down so it doesn't really rotate?
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    I don't target Lakers per say but if I do, yes I go slower. 1.3 on the probe. I call it a power drop. I'm all for varying the speed. I've also caught Kings going that slow but it might be just my lines sinking. Flashers, dodgers, flies or spoons. Doesn't matter. I also catch them going 1.9 or a fast as 3.0 - 3.5. So my answer is whatever puts fish in the boat. If next year is anything like this year we're all going to be fishing for Lakers most of the time. :-(
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