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Thread: trolling valves

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    trolling valves

    looking at buying a 42ft 2006 tiara open, problem is it has cummins qsm 11 engines and it does not have trolling valves, does anyone know a shop that installs them on the west side of michigan(ludington, manistee, pentwater) thanks in advance.....

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    I had a 2000 42C Silverton with 420 HP turbo Cats that were mechanical trans not electronic. I had ZF trolling valves installed in 2006 by a freelance mechanic He told me NOT to buy the mechanical trolling valves because of the inherent potential problem that if you made a mistake and pushed them too hard you can blow the entire transmission (s). I bought the electronic trolling valves with the conversion box for both engines . total installed cost $15,000. Not cheap but they worked flawlessly until I sold my boat a little over a year ago. I could push the throttles all the way up to WOT while trolling valves were engaged at trolling speed and they would automatically shift into normal running mode with out any problems.

    If I was going to do it over again and wanted to spend the money I would not hesitate. I really loved them. But, I would highly consider getting large trolling bags! $15,000 can buy a lot of trolling bags and my friends that use bags have no problem.

    You can call me with any questions.
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    your the buyer make it part of the purchase deal you have the leverage now you won't later I agree with mark above but know persons that have the manual valves for years that have not forgotten to close valves before accelerating this will fry the trans quick

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