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    Braided Line on Down Riggers vs Wire

    Anyone running Power pro on downriggers instead of wire. See any difference in catch rate on kings. Some believe the electrical signature on wire attracts Kings. Also I found a lot less blow back using powerpro, one bad point is when the sea flies are out they stick on line and create problems when reeling up rigger. Any charters running power pro on there riggers? Also one nice thing with power pro on riggers was in Lake Superior when you get in ghost nets line snaps and does not sink your boat. Thank You.

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    Ran it for part of a season. Liked it in the early part of the year but when water fleas showed up it was difficult to keep them off. Big mess.
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    I have been running 150# Power Pro on my downriggers for the last fifteen years. Never a problem with Walker downriggers. I have installed a line wiper made from a 1/4 inch nylon bolt on the line guide. Cleans everything off before it rewinds onto the reel. I replaced the original line two years ago and switched to 100# made in China. Works great with 12# balls. A 1/16 inch hole needs to be drilled through the center of the bolt to guide and wipe the braided line.

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