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    Rail mount rod holders

    Iím looking at replacing a few of my cheaper rod holders I have mounted on the rails on my Ranger. I have 1 Cisco rod holder which I am happy with, but is also the only higher end one Iíve ever used. Any other brands I should look at? I fish on Superior so I likely will never need to worry about big Kings. Big issue with my cheaper ones is they slowly rotate my rod tips into the water if Iím using heavier setups.

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    I would look at Traxstech and Magnum Metals, both have rail mount rod holders as well as other mounting options.
    Don't go big go MAGNUM MAGNUM LURE!!!

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    I had rail mount trax on my 620 and it was fine, since,...... I removed the rails and laid the trax on the gunnel,
    I may have a set of rails mounts if your are in need too,,,,

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