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Thread: Mke 6/11am

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    Mke 6/11am

    Hearing there were kings were around, me and buddy ditched work and fished 5-10am starting in 80FOW east of the filter. We watched in frustration as everyone around us dipped the net until 630AM when we boxed our first coho on 2 color coho rig in 110'. Decided to stay in that depth since every charter in MKE was also in the area and it paid off. Ended up 9-10, 6 coho and 3 bows (9#, 9#, 11#). 2 color coho rig, SWR on rigger down 50' and Meat rig on wire 110LOC were only depths that took fish. Working in between or deeper were a bust. The key for today was speed. I sped up to 2.6mph at the ball and we started getting bites. I typically run 1.9-2.3mph but the charters were running me over so I changed it up to match their speed and it paid off.

    I tried several different spoons at different depths on wire dipsy, rigger and boards with nothing to show for it. FF was the only thing we could get to fire all day.

    We watched a lot of kings being caught around us all morning even though we didnt get it done. They're still here so hopefully this fishing sticks around for awhile.

    Overall, it was an absolutely beautiful morning with calm seas, no bugs and an amazing sunrise. It was a really enjoyable morning of fishing for anyone who was out there.
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    Thanks for the report. I had a very similar day but left the area where the charters were wandering around looking for my own isolated pocket of fish that I never found. A friend found one taking a bow and a couple of coho but left due to traffic. Didn't find a lot elsewhere and returned to that now empty location and popped a 24+ king at 10AM and 1020 a double boating a pair of 23+!!! We did OK, 8 for 9 and 6 drive bys boxing a dandy 13.5# bow and a similar sized king.

    We will get our turns at some of those biggies.
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    thanks for the report! was going to go this weekend but work and the weather got in the way. hopefully next weekend.

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