I hate to be that good old days guy, but the Looper Scam is infuriating. North Shore fishing on Shore is decimated! Numbers of fish caught this year has already declined from last year 80%! New breed is a JOKE. They will not be caught from Shore and will be harvested about the size of the coho. I'm not an avid DNR basher, but this was and is a shame. Crazy how such a successful fishery generated in the Northland is the victim. Blue collar guys without big boats suffer. Of the billions we pay in taxes and fees, they couldn't keep French River Hatchery programs going? Remember, those steelhead and browns are not native either!

Maybe all of that money could be used to address growing lamprey issue and come up with a plan that will allow the Looper breed to coexist without interbreeding (1/10,000 chance as it is).