Hey everyone! Today I was talking with one of my clients who came down to the Dominican Republic. He was asking me different questions is it safe over here and can he go by himself in different places. I gave him my advice and ask why he is so nervous about his security? For me, it was difficult to understand because everything is quite over here and local people are trying more than ever be the kindest and polite to the visitors, especially to Americans. And my client explained to me that at home back in the US he used to watch the news on TV about the bad and insecure situation over here. I asure him that everything is fine and safe over here. Gave him the number of a phone of one local guy in case if he will need transportation to go visit places and my phone just in case if he will need any help or advise.
So I want to tell for everybody: Guys it is nice safe and right now cheap over here. And I am inviting everybody to check our sales book a trip and visit our Paradise Island because it is really paradise here for anglers and for those who just want to relax.https://santaelenafishingcharters.com/