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    Copper setups for Frankfort

    Hi guys

    I am going to setup 4 reels for copper. I have never used it before. I am planning on fishing Frankfort late July-Sept

    How much copper on each reel should I use? Right now I have one reel set up this way so far. Okuma CV 45D line counter with 35 lb backing, 300 feet of 30 lb copper and an Albright tied 100% Fluro leader attached 20 lb.

    I bought it this way, I may take it off the LC and put it on another reel I do not see the need for a LC unless you tell me differently.


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    I am not a pro, but I have fished Frankfort for many years and have used copper there for the last eight years. I had 2 each of 150, 300, and 450 and by far the 300 caught the most and biggest fish. The 450 caught a lot less and usually just small salmon. The 150's maybe caught a third of the 300's. 2 years ago, I lost 75' of a 300 and used it as a 225 for the rest of the year. Worked so good I made up another (and another 300) and those have produced great throughout the seasons in Frankfort. My recommendation would be to set up 2 200 and 2 300. I use 40 or 50# power pro for backing and 25# section of mono to hook the board to, and 20# fluorocarbon leader. I just run spoons and plugs on my planers. Flashers are suppose to run higher up, so maybe you might want longer coppers if you run those.

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