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    Reel FIne Guest

    Salmon Design / Tattoo

    Well I decided this summer im going to accoplish a few things including catching a 20lb'er (we fish lake mich), skydive and get a tattoo. Already boxed the 20, and im working on the Tattoo.

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas / designs. I want one that relates to salmon fishing.

    Team Bling SportFsihing's Logo thingy is a pretty sweet fish design but was wondering if anyone else had a Tattoo of a salmon design?

    I could probably find a couple weenie flies around the boat if someone has an idea that i use.

    Thank You,

    Matt Anisko

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    RE: Salmon Design / Tattoo

    I've been thinking about a small salmon tatoo as well...

    The Northwest Indians (ooops, sorry, Indigeneous native non-anglo americans) have a bunch of cool looking totem animal spirit images.

    I've also been thinking about a sleek art-deco one too...

    One of those could do.

    ( you'd think I get one of those fancy
    avatars soon)

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    RE: Salmon Design / Tattoo

    Hey Matt,

    I bet my son could draw it up for you, he's pretty good with that but IMO, he has more than enough already so don't make him think he needs one too, he's already loving getting the salmon out on the lake, after finally moving back home from Kentucky last year.

    By the way, the "Div-er Dock" has now had it's final tweaks and I'll be running some in just a little while. I talked with Gary yesterday and he will be pushing them. I'll get some to Chris later today and you'll have some on the boat this weekend. You'll like what we did with it and I should be able to post some photo's here later.

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    honda cat Guest

    RE: Salmon Design / Tattoo

    I have a very good friend that is a world famous tattoo guy
    has done ink on a lot of world famous celebrities
    remember they are forever get a good one
    send me a PM i am sure i can help you out on this one

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    SuperiorChrome Guest

    RE: Salmon Design / Tattoo

    I've spent some time up in Alaska fishing kings and I came back with a few ideas that I once was thinking of getting tattooed. Here are a few images of Haida salmon (Inuit art) that I was once looking at.

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    RE: Salmon Design / Tattoo

    Big Weenie -- Phone #: (269) 795-8805

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    RE: Salmon Design / Tattoo

    Is this because she has alot of tatoos?

    Is this because She does tatoos?

    Is this because she is an inuit and draws cool Salmon art?


    Is this because she is related to that guy they called Tatoo on TV that used to yell " De Plane.... De plane"

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    honda cat Guest

    RE: Salmon Design / Tattoo

    check out

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    RE: Salmon Design / Tattoo

    My wife does them. i'm getting a new one this weekend. i will try to post a picture of it.

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