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    #1 Walleye Recipe with potato breading

    This is an awesome recipe I put together some years ago and it still gets raves. Okay here it is;

    Potato breaded Walleye

    Walleye fillets
    Betty Crocker potato buds
    Seasonings ( I like some sweet basil and some Mrs dash original)

    Put potato buds in blender and grind coarse.
    Mix 2 parts ground buds with 1 part bisquick flour.
    Season to taste.

    Dip fillets in buttermilk and pat into breading mix. For a thicker breading, dip again into buttermilk and again into the breading.

    Pan fry on medium heat in about three tbs. of butter until nicely golden brown on one side. Gently flip over, add a few more tablespoons of butter and fry second side until golden.

    As it fry's keep an eye on it as the breading does soak up the butter. Just add a little more and you're good to go.

    Sit back and enjoy the feast!!!

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    RE: #1 Walleye Recipe with potato breading

    Was playing with this a bit last weekend and added a cup of slivered almonds when I ground the potato bud. Awesome!!!

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    salty1 Guest

    GL angler cookbook?

    what happened to the recipes for the cookbook? I was copying one down and had to go away when i came back it was gone and they weren't in any sort of order anymore?

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    RE: #1 Walleye Recipe with potato breading

    Nice idea there, I'll try it. we like to fry walleye in bacon grease not good for the heart so don't do it often but its a treat and should be good with this coating.

    BTW funny bisquick aside: I was smelt dipping in oscoda with my pal back in the 80's and we discovered that neither of us had brought any Drake's mix. So we improvised and used bisquick and beer to make fish batter. pretty good! Oh, and my wife had a hamster named bisquick as a pet when we got married...


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