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    Liquid_Infant Guest

    Loki, Does it have a name?

    Was out on South shore Sunday and did pretty well. Fish seemed to take most presentations, rigger, flat lined sticks, and core but no diver. Who knows? Farmed six but landed two ho's, two lakers, and three steelhead. Was branded a fish farmer by my wife who enjoyed some much needed sun. 90 f.o.w. seemed about right. Caught all of the steelhead on this spoon

    I don't know if it has a name. Kind of a snotty aneurysm...
    Here is one of the steelies not big but mighty. Jumped six times clearing the water by about six feet on one jump.

    Followed Great Lakes Fly Co. advice: saved wild steelhead and ate laker.

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    loki Guest
    I'm sure in that twisted mind of yours lies a name that will suffice.Screw loose comes to mind.I'll see you get one in your mailbox if I at my advanced age can remember where you live.

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    loki I was just on Marine Generals site I dont see any skunks or emerald shiners do you still paint these colors?

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